— FPGA Accelerator Compilation —

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We are looking for one post-doctoral researcher to work with us on automatic FPGA accelerator compilation for large-scale programs using high-level synthesis, overlay networks, and similar tools to address the challenge of programming tomorrows HPC and data-center machines. Using advanced polyhedral loop optimization techniques (LLVM Polly) and modern high-level synthesis frameworks we aim to significantly lower the barrier of entry to FPGA accelerator programming. As a post-doctoral researcher you will be responsible of the FPGA side of our heterogeneous compilation efforts, working with us on integrating FPGA specific optimizations into our heterogeneous compute toolchain. If you have experience with high-level synthesis, overlay networks, or running HPC appliations on FPGA, or have otherwise exciting ideas towards solving this problem, we are looking for you!

We are looking for exceptional candidates and not perfect job-profile matches! If you are strong in math or programming and have an exciting academic or industrial background, don’t hesitate to apply!


  • Create high-performance FPGA designs at ease
  • Expert in compilation and code generation (e.g., LLVM, gcc, …)
  • Strong mathematical background (e.g., linear programming, (non)-linear optimization, …)
  • Track-record of high-quality publications
  • Experience with:
    • High-level synthesis (e.g., Xilinx Vivado, SDAccel)
    • Overlay networks
    • Polyhedral loop modeling (e.g., Polly, isl, Pluto)
    • Accelerators (e.g., CUDA, OpenCL, Vulkan)
  • Develop high-quality software and have experience with open source communities
  • Have a strong personal research agenda which you develop and advance independently
  • Enjoy to collaborate and interact with other researchers

We offer

  • Shape and design your own research agenda independently (within the overall project goals)
  • A diverse research environment: world-leading experts in machine learning, computer architecture, big data, compilers, networks, and HPC – all working in a single group
  • Work on practical large scale problems: we optimize the weather model that delivers daily forecasts in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and many other countries; we also look into large-scale data-query optimization and machine learning
  • Get access to the worlds fastest supercomputer outside China
  • Close collaboration with the open source community (e.g., LLVM, Polly, …)
  • Close interaction with industry (e.g., with Xilinx, ARM, Qualcomm)
  • Live in one of the most livable cities of the world (Zurich regularly is at the top of relevant rankings)
  • Very competitive salary (Switzerland has best research salaries in Europe)

Qualification required

This senior position requires a doctoral degree (or relevant experience) in computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent experience. A successful candidate has significant experience in compilation, parallel programming, and analytical modeling. A proven record of working and collaborating on larger research and development projects, and a record of developing high-quality (open source) software is important to us. We do not expect expertise in all areas, but believe that an excellent candidate adds expert knowledge in one of our core areas of interest.

Excellent skills in spoken and written English are required.


Your application should include a letter of motivation (at most 2 pages), covering your research interests and how they will support this project, a description of your PhD thesis (or relevant work experience), and evidence of independent self-motivated research and software development. Please highlight experience in collaborative projects and especially open source software development. Please include your CV, degrees and grades, a copy of your thesis, publications (including descriptions of the candidates contributions), other relevant documents, and the earliest possible starting date. Please also include at least one letter of recommendation and contact information for references.

ETH Zurich and Switzerland

Please see our Jobs page for general information about working at ETH Zurich.

Starting date: Anytime from now
Working Location: Zurich, Switzerland – ETH Zurich
Employment: 100%


Please email your application to tobias dot grosser at inf dot ethz dot ch and include the tag [JOB] in the subject line.