Tobias is a senior researcher in the Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory (SPCL) at the Computer Science Department of ETH Zürich lead by Torsten Hoefler. He has received his doctoral degree from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie while working at INRIA and ENS Paris (France) under the supervision of Albert Cohen. His diploma was awarded from University of Passau (Germany) while working in the research group of Christian Lengauer.

Tobias' research is taking place at the border of low-level compilers and high-level program transformations with the goal of enabling complex - but high-beneficial - program transformations in a production compiler environment. Currently funded by the Swiss PASC initiative his main focus is the automatic compilation of HPC applications to heterogeneous compute clusters. In this context, single-thread data-locality optimizations, automatic accelerator code generation, (optimistic) static analyses, performance models, ... are of high interest.

Interests: Heterogeneous Computing, Compilation and Optimization, Polyhedral Modeling, Vectorization, Accelerators (GPU, FPGA, DSP), Automatic Parallelization

Latest Publications

  1. DeLICM: Scalar Dependence Removal at Zero Memory Cost
    By Kruse, Michael and Grosser, Tobias
    Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO 2018), 2018

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  2. Modeling the Conflicting Demands of Parallelism and Temporal/Spatial Locality in Affine Scheduling
    By Zinenko, Oleksandr and Verdoolaege, Sven and Reddy, Chandan and Shirako, Jun and Grosser, Tobias and Sarkar, Vivek and Cohen, Albert
    Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Compiler Construction (CC 2018), 2018

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  3. High-Performance Generalized Tensor Operations: A Compiler-Oriented Approach
    By Gareev, Roman and Grosser, Tobias and Kruse, Michael
    ACM Trans. Archit. Code Optim., 3, 2018

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November 08, 2018

OMASE 2019 - Call For Papers

Together with Mary Hall and Martin Kong I am co-chairing OMASE 2019. Colocated with CGO 2019 OMASE will take place in February 2019 in Washington DC, USA. Find below the full call for papers:

OMASE’19 Workshop: Optimization, Modeling, Analysis and Space Exploration

Held in conjunction with CGO’19,...


September 18, 2016

6 Month Internship on Compilation for Heterogeneous Systems

We are happy to announce a 6 month internship at the Scalable Parallel Computing Lab at ETH Zurich to work on compilation techniques for heterogeneous systems. The position is open from today and we are looking for an exceptional candidate to join our team.


August 30, 2016

IMPACT 2017 - Call For Papers

Together with Mary Hall, I am co-chairing IMPACT 2017. Colocated with HiPEAC 2017, IMPACT will take place on January 23-25, 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Sweden

Abstract deadline: 0ctober 21, 2016

IMPACT ist probably the venue to meet, discuss, and learn about polyhedral compilation. It traditionally attracts a large number of experts in...


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